Introduction: Psalms 23 is about god who is a shepherd that is good, psalms is an Old Testament part that was produced from David the king’s tunes. David is really a New guide which also covers his sheep and the good shepherd, the shepherd is Christ it was a parable which was narrated for the disciples by Jesus, while we who rely on him and hear his word would be the sheep. Similarities Psalms 23 talks of the lord who’s a great shepherd; furthermore John 10 is dependant on a parable in regards to the shepherd and his lamb. Therefore the Bible’s two textbooks have the same meaning about the good shepherd who’s Jesus. Topic: The style of both chapters will be the good shepherd, both chapters discuss God who is well known to his sheep, the sheep recognize the voice of these shepherd and when he goes before the sheep they follow him, in comparison if your stranger moves before the sheep they operate for they don’t know his style, the great service chapters also tells us the great shepherd who is the owner of the sheep will require care of the sheep much better than the shepherd on-hire, the shepherd on hire below identifies the devil who’ll not take good care of the sheep. Symbol The shepherd that is good is the Lord Jesus Christ who leads his flock of lamb to the wilderness wherever he defends them and offers them. The shepherd on-hire signify the devil, likewise the thieve who does not enter the entranceway is folded through by the sheep represent the devil The lamb that hear the great shepherd’s style represent us who follow Christ and believe in him. The lamb that do not hear the voice of the nice shepherd signify the folks who believe and do not listen in Jesus Christ and for that reason they do not hear his style. The wilderness where his flock is led by the shepherd symbolize the great life that the individuals who have confidence in Jesus Christ live, Christ shields them also and from any threat that they constantly live enjoyable lifestyles. Photograph The image the two chapters signify is that of the shepherd who leads his lamb for the wilderness where there are lots of natural pastures and oceans that are great, the shepherd defends any risk is formed by the lamb because he’s the owner of the head.

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Differences: One difference is that the psalms can be an Old Testament book while David is actually a New Testament guide, the Psalms section is really an encouragement towards the Master by Jesus while Steve chapters is dependant on the life of Jesus Christ, this tale was told to the disciples of from the shepherd herself. Finish: The two chapters have centered on the great shepherd and what’ll occur if we become one of his lamb, we have to therefore follow the great shepherd who is Jesus Christ; if we follow him he will protect people from any risk and can give us whichever we truly need, we should have confidence in him so that we’ll understand his style and therefore do what is suitable. Psalms 23 can be an Old Testament guide that is recovered from David’s songs, John 10 can be after the Jesus was crucified, a New Testament book which was written and therefore it focuses on Jesus Christ’s theories. Reference: The Holly Bible (1965) the Brand New Testament along with the Old Testament, the Chaucer Press Ltd, UK